Common Questions about Gifts in Wills

Who can leave a gift in their will?

Anyone can give this way. In fact, many Canadians find they can have a greater impact with a gift in their will than they ever could during their lifetime.

Do many Canadians leave gifts in their will?

Almost 1.5 million Canadians have already chosen to make a gift in their will! It’s one way to create immense change, and to ensure your lifetime of generosity lives on.

Will my name and or my gift be made public?

Not without your consent. A gift in a will is a very personal thing, and we respect your right to privacy.

Is there a way to provide for my family and still leave a gift in my will?

A residual gift is the easiest way to support both your loved ones and your causes of choice. It simply means that you leave what is leftover in your estate to the MS Society, after providing for family and friends.

I already have a Will. Is there a way to update it?

Absolutely. You can use a short legal clause known as a codicil to add the MS Society into an existing will.

“I honestly can’t think of a better organization to support, and become involved in, when you’re faced with this disease. I believe the MS Society is making the world a better place. That’s change I want to be a part of. That’s why I included the MS Society in my will. It’s made me so happy to act on my belief in the importance of giving more than you take.”
- Jonathan Allenger, MS Society Volunteer and legacy donor

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