How a gift in your will creates a world free from MS

A gift in your will is a powerful way to continue the fight against MS in the years to come. By remembering the MS Society with a gift in your will, you can fund new research, strengthen programs, and support powerful education and advocacy that will benefit future generations of Canadians.

How a gift in your will supports MS research

With a charitable gift in your will, you will be a part of some of the most promising MS research in the world.

Already, gifts in wills have driven extraordinary advances, like finding ways to repair the nervous system, slowing progression, or managing MS symptoms more easily. These special gifts have made incredible breakthroughs possible, including:

  • The largest population-based MS DNA databank
  • A clinical trial to treat MS and stop disease progression
  • The largest pediatric MS study in the world
  • A trial of bone marrow transplantation, which showed no new disease activity in treated patients

MS research is an immense puzzle – but every day, researchers find another piece. By supporting the MS Society in your will, you can add your own piece to the puzzle.

photo : Coriann
“Even if we don’t find a cure in my lifetime, we’re discovering better treatments. That’s the power of research – investing today for the treatments of tomorrow.”

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How charitable bequests strengthen support for people with MS

Many of us remember the MS Society as the first place we turned to for help with this disease – a place we felt heard, where we belonged. By including the MS Society in your will, you can strengthen that safety net, to really be there for people with MS, their loved ones, and their caregivers, in the future.

Your gift will support programs like the Friendly Visiting program, which helps people with MS feel less alone in the fight against this disease, and the 1:1 Peer Support program, because sometimes the best person to talk to is someone who’s lived through it.

By improving and expanding key community support services, a gift in your will can touch those affected by MS in the most meaningful way – and let them know that they will never be alone.

photo of Marie
“When the neurologist confirmed it was MS, I didn’t know what that meant. The first thing I did was to open the phone book and call up the local office of the MS Society of Canada for answers.

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How planned gifts support MS education and advocacy

A gift in your will can empower people affected by MS with the knowledge and tools to navigate the healthcare system, and find the support they need.

Your gift will share information about the things that matter most to people living with MS and their families. You’ll raise awareness nationwide to help Canadians understand that just because a person doesn’t look sick, doesn’t mean they aren’t grappling with this disease.

And your legacy won’t stop there.

Including the MS Society in your estate planning can keep the needs of people affected by MS at the centre of health, treatment, and social policy decisions. You’ll help policy-makers understand what it means to live with MS in Canada, and work with them to develop new legislation that truly supports every Canadian.

By remembering the MS Society in your will, you can fight for:

  • Income and employment security for people with MS
  • Improved access to the care, therapies, and treatments that work best for each person
  • Putting the voices of those who live with MS at the centre of government research funding
“A gift in a will, sometimes called a legacy gift, is an incredible way to make a lasting impact. It could fund breakthrough research that will lead to a future without MS. That’s the kind of legacy I want to leave.”
- Gayelene Bonenfant, Board Member and legacy donor