2010 endMS Summer School

The 2010 endMS Summer School (sponsored by Deloitte) was hosted at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia May 17-22.

The theme of this Summer School was “Clinical and Behavioural Science of Multiple Sclerosis” and had the following objectives:
•To develop greater breadth and depth in: the understanding of MS as experiencedby the clinical practitioner and by persons living with MS, applied clinical and research methods in MS, and the integration of applied research and clinical practice
•To increase capacity for inter-disciplinary research
•To establish a peer network among MS research trainees

The program involved a combination of lecture-based plenary sessions and “hands-on”, facilitated breakout sessions. Instructors and facilitators came from across Canada and offered MS research expertise in a variety of topics, ranging from MS diagnosis and treatment to epidemiology and genetics. Patient and family perspectives were shared, and panel discussions on “hot topics” in MS and career opportunities in the field of MS research occurred throughout the course of the program.

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