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We're inspired by the vision of a world free of multiple sclerosis. We work with researchers, donors, partners, volunteers, and people living with MS to bring about positive change. Whether improving the lives of Canadians today or supporting high-quality research that aims to end MS tomorrow, we work together as a community. 

We connect the MS community to programs, information, research and to each other while they are on their MS journey. 

Learn more about our work and how we're taking steps to realize this vision.

Our Impact Goals

  • Advance treatment and care 

  • Enhance well-being 

  • Understand and halt disease progression 

  • Prevent MS 

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How We Help People Affected By MS?

As we take steps toward a world without MS, we're concentrating our work  on three key areas: 

  • Support: Canadians affected by MS need a support system they can access right away. To make an immediate impact, we deliver programs and services for physical and mental wellness, peer support, equipment assistance, and education directly to the community.  

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  • Advocacy: Canada has one of the highest rates of MS globally, with an average of 12 new diagnoses every day. To raise awareness of the impact of this disease and help those living with MS to enjoy a better quality of life, we encourage collective action. We reach out to governments, partners, and other organizations, highlighting the need for better healthcare, financial support for people with MS, and public programs and practices that benefit the MS community. 

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  • Research: The more we know about this complex disease, the closer we can get to finding a cure. Each year, we invest about $10 million in biological and clinical research aimed to prevent MS, stop the disease from getting worse, develop treatments, and enhance the well-being of those living with MS. We share accurate information on MS research so anyone can access knowledge and apply it to their personal journeys.  

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We receive almost no funding from the government. Corporate sponsors, individual donors, and event participants generously help raise money to make all of this work possible.  

Our History

Evelyn Opal

In 1948, a group of Canadians came together to lay the foundation of our organization. They worked together to raise funds for MS research, energized by the creation of a similar society in the United States.  

Evelyn Gotlieb Opal and Harry H. Bell, both diagnosed with MS, were driving forces behind the initiative. Their passion and enthusiasm endured throughout Canada, with thousands of volunteers and professionals contributing to our growth over the decades. In 2023, we celebrate the progress and growth we’ve achieved over the last 75 years. 

 We're grateful to the 13,500 volunteers who deliver support programs, raise funds, and take social action toward keeping this momentum going. 

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Our Mission & Values

With our sights firmly set on a world free of MS, our mission is to connect and empower the MS community to create positive change. 

The community is vibrant and diverse and includes people living with MS, families, friends, volunteers, donors, researchers, clinicians, and many others. By harnessing our energies, people affected by MS will have the systems and support needed to live rich and full lives. We also make sure that researchers have the resources to continue learning about the disease and improve treatment and care. 

Our efforts are guided by five core values. We aim to be: 

  • Impact-driven. We make a difference. 

  • Collaborative. We work together. 

  • Compassionate. We help. 

  • Bold. We think big. 

  • Resilient. We don't give up. 

How We Work

We are driven by the energy and dedication of our community. Our board of directors set the overall direction of our work, creating policies and procedures and approving budgets. Most importantly, they ensure we act in the best interests of those living with, and affected by, MS as we carry out our mission. 

While we're structured as a single, national organization, our Quebec division is incorporated separately to receive grants from the provincial government.  

Our day-to-day work is led by our president and CEO, Dr. Pam Valentine, who reports to the board of directors and is supported by a senior leadership team. We're accredited by the Imagine Canada Standards Program for how we operate as a charity. 

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Our Commitment to the MS Community

The MS community has accomplished a lot together, but there's much more to do. We're privileged to help lead this work and build on past progress. We aim to carry out our mission as efficiently and effectively as possible, and we welcome feedback on improving our services and operations. 

We are focused on changing the world for the better for those living with MS, both now and in the future. We're committed to developing programs and services that benefit as many people as possible today and encouraging policy changes that can help those affected by MS to better participate in daily life. We'll continue fundraising to support research that achieve breakthroughs in treatments, stop disease progression, and one day find a cure. 

We're grateful to be part of a larger group of dedicated individuals and organizations and draw inspiration from your strength and passion. We'll continue bringing the MS community together to work collaboratively as we move together towards a world free of MS. 

Discover. Innovate. Act.

As leaders within the MS community, we are privileged to be a part of a determined group of change agents who are working tirelessly to create a world free of MS. Needless to say, we know there is an urgency to this work. That for every day that passes, more Canadians receive the news that they have MS.

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