MS Support Programs

Whether you’re seeking support for yourself, trying to find peers in the MS community, or are a caregiver, the MS Canada team has programs for you.

MS Knowledge Network

For disease, treatment and support information that is customized for your journey, connect with an MS Navigator from our MS Knowledge Network.

If you're one of the 90,000 people who have been diagnosed with MS in Canada, you know that living with this disease can be difficult. You may experience physical changes that affect day-to-day life and mental wellness. Our programs can provide emotional support and help you — and your loved ones or caregivers — navigate the daily challenges of MS. Let's take a closer look at the programs we offer and the unique benefits they bring.  

What Support Can We Offer You?

Whether you're looking for more information on MS or are looking to connect with the MS community, we're here to help. Here are some of our programs. 

Information Service: MS Knowledge Network

When you or someone you know gets diagnosed with MS, your first instinct might be to learn more. There are tons of resources that provide insight into things like symptoms, treatments, and research. The downside of this, however, is that it can be difficult to find credible sources. To help you find reliable information about MS that is customized for your journey, we've created the MS Knowledge Network.  
This network is made up of MS Navigators located across Canada. Experienced in information services, our team can provide resources and support tailored to your unique needs. Many people connect with our MS Navigators for information about the following:  
  • Multiple sclerosis and allied diseases 
  • Symptom management and treatment options 
  • Local support and health services  
  • MS research  
  • Income support program information 
  • Supporting loved ones with MS  
  • How to get connected to the programs we offer 
Looking for support? Our team is available to Canadians from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, Monday to Friday. Simply reach out via phone, email, or live chat. It's important to note that our MS Navigators are not healthcare or crisis professionals — for personal health-related questions, we encourage you to speak to your health care team. 
We are here for you, but we’re not a crisis centre. If you need urgent help, contact 9-1-1 or go to the nearest hospital. Canada’s 9-8-8 suicide crisis helpline is also available for anyone who is thinking about suicide or is worried about someone they know. Call or text 9-8-8 toll free, anytime for support in English or French. Learn more at There are also mental health resources for people of all ages available across Canada.   

Community Support

Whether you’re seeking support for yourself, trying to find peers in the MS community, or care for someone with MS, the MS Canada team has programs for you. 

Peer Support

People living with MS and their loved ones or caregivers can feel distressed or frustrated throughout their journey with MS. Connecting with people who are going through a similar situation can help provide a listening and empathetic ear from someone else impacted by MS. To bring our MS community together, we offer the following peer support services. 

Peer Support Groups

Peer support groups give you and your loved ones an opportunity to form connections in a casual, confidential setting. Group members can give each other emotional support and share lived experiences, ideas and suggestions on managing the challenges of MS.  

All our peer support groups are led by at least one volunteer facilitator who is trained and supported by us and is on their own MS journey. If you’re interested in supporting others, you can also apply to be a volunteer. 

More information about our support groups

1:1 Peer Support Program

While some people prefer groups, others might be more comfortable in individualized settings. That's why, in addition to support groups, we offer a 1:1 peer support program. You may choose between two main options: 

  • Extended A up to 6-month virtual program linking you or your loved ones to a trained volunteer. As someone who lives with or cares for someone with MS, the volunteer can provide invaluable emotional support.  
  • OneCall. Do you have a question related to MS? This service, which is limited to an hour, connects you to a volunteer via phone.  

If you're interested in supporting others, you can also apply to be a volunteer.  

Apply for 1:1 peer support

Online Social Community: We Talk MS


We Talk MS is an online mentoring program, community forum, safe space, and support group all rolled into one. It’s a place where peers in our MS community can connect with each other informally, share information, and support one another.  This initiative is hosted by the platform PushFar. Whether you want to chat about your future living with MS or are making peace with someone’s diagnosis, We Talk MS can connect you with someone to talk to.

Sign up for We Talk MS 


Information Webinars

Are you looking for free educational resources about MS? From webinars to informational sessions and guided discussions, we've got you covered. 

Hear From the Experts

This year, we're hosting a series of webinars featuring MS experts. During these sessions, you can expect to learn more about the following topics: 
  • MS research and treatments 
  • Symptom management strategies 
  • Our programs and services  
You can register for free and submit questions for our experts. Learn more and register here. 

MS 101

Whether you've been recently diagnosed with MS or are years into your journey, it's always helpful to stay updated on the latest information. MS 101, a 90-minute virtual session, provides key introductory information and resources to people living with or affected by MS. In addition to interacting with presenters, you will have the chance to connect with peers through a guided discussion.
Register for MS 101

Accessible Physical Activity Programs

A huge part of managing MS symptoms is practising self-care. Here are a few wellness programs we offer.  

TIME™ at Home

Our TIME™ at Home program, developed by UHN Toronto Rehab, consists of online functional mobility exercise sessions designed to help you overcome balance and mobility challenges, become more active and gain confidence. Exercise sessions are followed by a chance to socialize with others living with MS.  


We've partnered with the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Medicine to bring you NeuroSask: Active and Connected, a virtual program for people with neurological conditions. You will enjoy the following:  
  • Physiotherapy-guided movement 
  • Expert health and wellness tips  
  • Social connections  
Learn more and register here. 
Person in a chair doing a yoga pose

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is an accessible way to move your body, connect with your breath and pay attention to how you’re feeling that day, moving within a comfortable range. For most of the class, participants will be seated in a chair, with the option given for a few standing poses if that works for you. These 45-minute virtual classes will include upper body movement, gentle mobility challenges, muscle stretches, and will end with mindful meditation.
Learn more and register here


For many people living with MS and their caregivers, it can be difficult to visit the gym. To make virtual wellness, exercises and fitness classes more accessible, we've teamed up with SPIRIT Club, an online gym. Classes are taught by certified professionals and can be done seated or at a variety of difficulty levels. Examples of classes include the following:  
  • Yoga  
  • Zumba 
  • Meditation 
  • Nutrition  
When you sign up for a free membership you can participate in live, online classes and watch past, recorded sessions. 

Quality of Life Program

When discussing MS, many people focus on the physical aspect of the condition. However, there's also a huge financial element. Many people living with MS require mobility and safety equipment, which isn't always affordable.

If you need financial assistance you can apply to our Quality of Life program, which can provide funds for the following:  

  • Bathing aids 

  • Braces/supports 

  • Equipment repairs 

  • Hospital beds 

  • Lift systems 

  • Mobility aids 

  • Vehicle modifications  

  • Cooling Products 

Learn more about eligibility criteria and apply here  
You can also reach out to our MS Navigators to learn more about our Quality of Life program and any other questions you may have about other financial programs.  
Phone: 1-844-859-6789 Email: Live Web Chat: 


CPP-D Application Support (CAS)

One of the ways you may be eligible for financial support is by applying for the Canada Pension Plan Disability benefit (CPP-D). Unfortunately, people are often denied benefits for not providing enough information. As part of our CPP-D Application Support, we help you learn more about eligibility and complete section C2 & C8 of the form. Volunteers will help guide you in completing Sections C2 & C8 of the CPP-D application to better clarify the impact that multiple sclerosis or an allied disease has on your ability to work.

Check out our Symptom and Function Questionnaire and other resources to better help you prepare for financial supports that can help you along your MS journey.    

If you are interested in receiving support from CAS, please contact our MS Navigators at 1-844-859-6789 or to get started.

Legal Support

Thanks to a partnership with Juripop, people in Quebec who are living with multiple sclerosis can get free legal support, to facilitate their access to justice and equip them to deal with their legal issues. 

Please note, this program is for Quebec residents only.

Learn more

Get Involved and Make a Difference

We wouldn't be able to provide these programs if it weren't for the support of donors, volunteers, and community partners. Looking for ways to show support? From fundraising events to monthly giving to volunteering for our programs and events, there are many ways to get involved.

Apply to volunteer MS Walk MS Bike

We Challenge MS Donate

Key Takeaways About Our Programs and Services

Here are some key takeaways about our MS programs and services: 

  • Our MS Knowledge Network and educational sessions provide helpful information about the disease, customized for your MS journey. 

  • Peer support programs can help you and your loved ones connect with the community. 

  • Our wellness programs offer physical and mental health benefits. 

  • Those who need financial assistance can apply to our Quality of Life program for equipment needs and get help with CPP-D Application Support. 

Ultimately, our programs are designed to support you and your loved ones along your MS journey.  

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