Quality of Life Program

The Quality of Life Program provides practical assistance to people, helping them access equipment & assistive technology that promotes independence in their daily lives.

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Here at MS Canada, our vision is a world without MS. Until that day comes, we’re dedicated to ensuring Canadians living with MS have the best life possible. We developed the Quality of Life Program to provide practical assistance to people, helping them access equipment & assistive technology that promotes independence in their daily lives.

What Is Our Quality of Life Program About?

There’s a wide range of devices available to help people with MS manage symptoms, improve their daily lives and remain independent. The Quality of Life grants provide funds to help people access these devices. 

Funds from the program will be put towards the purchase of mobility equipment, safety - aids and assistive technology devices. It can not be used for treatments or to pay for ongoing costs involved with using the equipment. 

Benefits of Our Quality of Life Program

Assistive devices can be costly, but they make a huge impact on your quality of life. The grant program can provide up to $1,000 per person each calendar year for equipment and assistive technology that can make your life easier.

This equipment often lessens the impact that MS has on your life. Staying active and independent can also help you improve your mental health and move forward after your diagnosis. 

What Are the Applicable Criteria for the Quality of Life Program?

To be eligible for the Quality of Life Program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have confirmation of your diagnosis of MS or an allied disease from a health care professional
  • Have an assessment of need from a health care professional
  • Be a resident of Canada
  • Meet the low income cut-off (LICO)

We need to consider the income of people applying for the program to qualify as a charity under the Income Tax Act. This also helps ensure our limited funding goes where it's most needed. We’re aware that MS can be an expensive condition, so our income requirements are higher than the standard LICO set by Statistics Canada, and we have an appeals process for people experiencing hardship. 

It’s possible to use other funding sources with Quality of Life grants to purchase equipment. As MS Canada grants must be used within 3 months of the funding being approved, it’s best to have all other sources of funding arranged before applying for the program. 

What Are the Eligible and Ineligible Equipment for the Quality of Life Program?

The following equipment is currently eligible for a Quality of Life grant:

  • Bathing aids, such as bath lifts, chairs, and benches
  • Braces and supports, such as orthotics, leg braces, splints, and Walk Aide systems
  • Home computer adaptations that support independence (voice activated, magnified screens)
  • Hospital beds and hospital bed mattresses, including air mattresses for pressure sore relief
  • Lifts and lift systems (Ceiling, Stair, patient lifts)
  • Kitchen aids, such as auto feeders and adapted utensils
  • Mobility aids, such as scooters, wheelchairs, and walkers
  • MS-related specialized clothing, such as sheepskin products and cooling vests
  • Toileting aids, such as commodes, raised toilet seats, and toilet safety frames
  • Transferring aids, such as belts, boards, grab bars, and poles
  • Vehicle modifications, such as lifts, hand controls, left foot accelerators, and ramps

Equipment that’s not eligible for funding includes:

  • Prescribed medications and disease modifying therapies
  • Food, nutrition, and vitamin supplements or services
  • Over-the-counter medications, such as aspirin
  • Alternative or complementary therapies, including psychotherapy, physiotherapy, Reiki, and bee sting therapy
  • Nursing services
  • Financial services, such as credit counseling
  • Funding of household expenses, such as mortgage, rent, bills, or insurance premiums
  • Home renovations, including accessibility modifications
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Exercise equipment
  • TENS and EMS machines
  • Cough-assist machines
  • Sleep apnea devices

Equipment that isn’t listed may be considered for a grant. The program looks at the equipment's direct, positive impact on your quality of life and your MS symptoms. If you’re not sure if funding is available, contact us. We can discuss the equipment and your needs before you fill in an application. Email: equipment@mscanada.ca Phone: 1-844-859-6789.

Can I Apply for Repairs to Equipment?

Yes, Quality of Life Program funds can be used to repair equipment that you already own. The repairs are only considered on equipment that’s eligible for Quality of Life Program funding. If you’re applying for repairs, there’s no need to get the health care professional assessment form completed. 

How Cooling Appliances Help Community Members

Heat sensitivity is a common challenge for people with MS. Although it doesn’t cause new symptoms, it can cause a flare in symptoms you already experience. In particular, it often makes fatigue worse. Cooling appliances can help you stay active and complete daily tasks during hot weather.

Cooling clothing is covered by the regular Quality of Life program, but we have a separate Cooling Product program if you need other solutions. This program can help you purchase fans and air conditioning units. There are limits on the amount of funding you can receive depending on the type of cooling product you wish to purchase. You may also only receive one cooling product within a given timeframe. 

How to Apply for This Program

Applying for this program is as simple as filling in the application forms. The Quality of Life application form and health care professional assessment form are both available online and ask you to provide information about your income, the equipment you wish to purchase, and the impact it will have on your quality of life. 

Once the application has been reviewed, we contact you to discuss the amount of funding that’s been rewarded. It’s important to note that we don’t provide “after the fact” funding. This means that we may not be able to reimburse you for equipment you’ve already purchased. If you have any questions about the program or your application, you can contact an MS Navigator at 1-844-859-6789 or msnavigators@mscanada.ca.  

Quality of Life Application 

 Healthcare Professional Assessment Form

For printable applications and instructions:

Contact Info: msnavigators@mscanada.ca, 1-844-859-6789