2012 endMS Summer School

The 2012 endMS Summer School was hosted by the Manitoba-Ontario endMS Regional Research and Training Centre in Winnipeg at the University of Manitoba's Health Sciences Centre May 14-18. The theme of the 2012 endMS Summer School was "Clinical and Population Health: Multiple Sclerosis: Gaining Insights from Special Populations and other Complex Diseases".

Participants learned about:
- Clinical trials including principles of trial design, issues related to the conduct of clinical trials in children and will participate in a Mock Clinical Trial over the course of the Summer School
- Pediatric MS including clinical features and treatment
- Ethical issues in the conduct of research
- Insights to be gained from the study of other complex chronic diseases including inflammatory bowel disease (the gut microbiome), and rheumatoid arthritis (identifying biomarkers)
- Rehabilitation in MS including an experiential workshop

Here is what some of the 2012 participants had to say about their experience:

"Fostering relationships amongst trainees - this is really promoting a collaborative environment amongst the next generation of MS researchers in Canada.”

“It opened my eyes to all the avenues available for research and connecting with peers which may lead to future projects.”

“Getting to better know many of my peers from across the country that are involved in MS Research: I had met many of them at last year's Summer School, but seeing them again reinforced and created stronger bonds and deeper connections.”