2014 endMS Summer School

The 2014 endMS Summer School was hosted by the Atlantic endMS Regional Research and Training Centre at Dalhousie University in Halifax, May 12-16. The theme was “Translational MS Research: From Ideas to Innovation to Implementation”.

The program featured lecture-based plenary sessions as well as “hands-on” facilitated workshops. Instructors and facilitators came from across Canada and offered MS research expertise in such topics as the changing demographics of MS, self-management strategies and novel therapeutic approaches. The program focused on innovation and entrepreneurship and the application of these concepts to the trainee's work. Through a team-based, facilitated, hands-on program, the trainees learned how to develop and pitch their ideas to stakeholder audiences.

Here is what some of the 2014 participants had to say about their experience:

"This was my first summer school and I really enjoyed it. I think what I liked most about it was the fact that it was so interdisciplinary and as a clinical researcher, I learned a lot of new stuff from the basic sciences and started to identify opportunities for collaboration even within my own field. I was also so excited about the business canvas model, as it allowed me to see in many ways how I could successfully translate my research into viable business options."

"Overall, the endMS Summer School was an incredible experience! Learning about the business model canvas was a unique opportunity, one I may not have been a part of if not for the summer school. The atmosphere was extremely collaborative and fostered strong work relationships between peers."

"The caliber of researchers who attend the summer school really helped to motivate and drive my passion for MS research. The organizers were amazing, I learned an immense amount AND had a lot of fun."