2016 endMS Summer School

A huge thank you to the hosts of the 2016 endMS Summer School! The theme was "The Evolving Art and Science of MS Care" and featured plenary sessions, hands-on workshops and career development sessions. It was hosted at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, June 13-16, 2016.

Click here to see: Photos of the 2016 endMS Summer School

2016 Program Overview
Emerging basic science and clinical breakthroughs in MS and NMO are transforming patient care. Clinicians caring for this patient population need a strong understanding of latest treatments, diagnostic criteria and exciting developments. This live educational program offers a comprehensive overview of the integration of science in MS and NMO into clinical practice.

The 2016 endMS Summer School objectives were to:

• Unravel molecular aetiology and pathophysiology to assist in the development of novel targets and biomarkers for therapeutic interventions.
• Understand how advances in imaging are being applied for improved diagnosis, management and treatment assessment.
• Utilise population health data and appropriate epidemiological methods to guide clinical decision making.
• Unite peers across multiple disciplines and encourage networking and collaboration.