CPP-D Application Support through the MS Society

CPP-D Application Support (CAS)

The CPP-D Application Support (CAS) aims to help individuals with MS who are applying for the Canada Pension Plan Disability benefit (CPP-D) successfully receive their benefits. In too many cases, individuals are denied benefits due to providing insufficient information and examples clearly demonstrating how their MS symptoms impede their ability to work.

We may be able to help you to determine your eligibility for the benefit and, if eligible, pair you up with trained volunteers (over the phone or virtually) who will get to know more about you and your MS. Volunteers will help guide you in completing Sections C2 & C8 of the CPP-D application to better clarify the impact that multiple sclerosis or an allied disease has on your ability to work.

If you are interested in receiving support from CAS, please contact our MS Navigators at 1-844-859-6789 or msnavigators@mscanada.ca to get started.