MS Can Be 2019 Summit Presentations

Please see below the presentations from the speakers at the the MS Can Be 2019 young adult summit. 

Finding your voice: Digital Leadership: storytelling+advocacy 

Presented by: Francette Maquito, Glendon Campus of York University

Whether as a tool for increasing impact and reach or as a means in itself, being savvy in the online and social media space is key to getting your message out. Learn how to leverage social media to support your goals, build online communities, develop your strategy, and more.

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​Awareness, Choice, Change

Presented by: Matt Tod, MS Can Be Keynote Speaker

Young people have an incredible power within themselves to create and influence positive change: in themselves, their communities and the world. In this highly engaging and interactive talk, long-time youth leadership speaker and youth advocate, Matt Tod, will challenge people to think about how, give their own unique abilities and passions, they can begin the journey of change-making.

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Framing Your MS Journey: The Art of Storytelling

Presented by: Amanda Piron & Chris Piron

From using a walker everyday to walking 5km for fun; from fearing for your sister’s life to understanding her strengths and how to keep an open mind; from fearing our quirks to understanding the power of this intense journey. MS has taken a lot from us but it has given us something we can leverage and use to highlight our strengths in so many environments. They say “image is everything” but how do you tell such a painful and personal story in a way that empowers others instead of alienating them? How do you honour your journey and turn it into a positive? This is the power of storytelling. Join long time advocate/volunteer Amanda Piron and her #1 supporter/successful entrepreneur Chris Piron as they help you find your voice through storytelling.

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