MS Can Be 2019 Summit Information


We had an amazing time in Toronto making new connections, hearing great speakers, and learning new skills. Participants left with the motivation and enthusiasm to think about the ways they can impact the lives of people affected by MS. On the left hand navigation bar you will find resources provided before and after the summit. 

The MS Can Be summit brought together young people (ages 19-36) from across Canada who are affected by MS. Our goal was to help them begin the process of enacting change (awareness, support, fundraising, etc) in their local communities or more broadly. The summit was an opportunity to learn skills and build capacity in areas such as public speaking, storytelling, fundraising, advocacy, social media, and more. Participants met other young adults from across the country who want to change the messaging around MS, learn from experts and each other, and spend time developing an initiative that speaks to their interests/skills.