Multiple Sclerosis Scientific Research Foundation

The Multiple Sclerosis Scientific Research Foundation (MSSRF) is the Foundation of the MS Society of Canada (MSSOC), and was established in 1973 with an initial investment of $1,000. Over the years with financial support primarily from generous donations to the MS Society of Canada, MSSRF has become the largest fund in the world dedicated strictly to MS research. The goal for the Foundation is to support innovative and transformative research in multiple sclerosis beyond the scope of the MS Society of Canada’s regular granting program. In particular, the focus is on interdisciplinary research that fosters multi-site collaboration and accelerates fundamental advances in understanding and treating MS. Examples of such research are the MSSRF’s recently announced stem cell trial, research into progressive MS, and the ongoing investigation of pediatric MS.

The MSSRF currently funds the Collaborative Team Grant, which is designed to fund MS research conducted by scientists in Canadian institutions in collaboration with other national and international experts. Studies funded by the Team Grant stimulate frequent exchange of knowledge, data, and research techniques, and provides opportunities for scientific training for younger researchers. The Team Grant supports transformative research that can have significant scientific, socio-economic and health impacts in the MS community.

Financial statements

An independent Canadian accounting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers, audits the Multiple Sclerosis Scientific Research Foundation finances annually. Our complete audited financial statements are available to our supporters and to the public below or by calling 1-866-922-6065.

2022 Financial Statements (PDF: 3 MB)
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Ms. Nancy Love (Toronto, ON), Chair
Principal, NLo Strategies Inc.

photo of Ms. Nancy Love

My son lives with multiple sclerosis, and since his diagnosis I have been on a mission to do whatever it takes, whatever I can do, to help find a cure. I have had the opportunity to meet with many MS researchers, and it amazes me the depth, breadth, and amount of MS research that is being conducted here in Canada. Stem cell research, new treatments, imaging, genetics, cognition, and quality of life research – I’m interested in all of it. I am confident that we will find a cure within my son’s lifetime.

I grew up mostly in Ottawa, ON, but I have lived all over Canada, including London, Edmonton, Calgary, and Toronto, among others. I am a passionate Canadian! While I consider myself a lifelong student, I more formally hold an HBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business Administration at Western University. I am currently the principal of NLo Strategies Inc., an investment holding company based in Toronto.

Mr. Cory Turner (Vaughan, ON), Vice Chair, Secretary
President, Spicers Canada

photo of Mr. Cory Turner

Diagnosed initially with relapsing-remitting MS in 2005, I successfully manage the effects of secondary-progressive MS while balancing my corporate responsibilities for Spicers Canada and a family that resides in Las Vegas, NV. My individual approach to managing MS relies heavily on pursuing personal productivity, optimism, and gratitude on a daily basis. I’m passionate about investing in the development of new therapies for progressive forms of MS – not because of my own course but because of the countless people living with progressive MS whose daily courage and bravery has inspired me.

Originally from Nova Scotia, I was raised in northern Alberta, notably Edmonton and Fort McMurray. I graduated with a BA from the University of Calgary in 1994, and I have spent my entire career with Spicers Canada in operational, sales, management and leadership positions.

Mr. Dwight Duncan (Toronto, ON), Treasurer
Senior Strategic Advisor, McMillan LLP


photo of Mr. Dwight Duncan

I would love to find a cure for MS within our lifetime, and I am particularly interested in the incidence of MS in Canada relative to the rest of the world. 

Originally from Windsor, ON, I have a BA in economics from McGill University, a BA of finance, and an MBA from the University of Windsor. I also have an honourary doctorate of laws degree from the University of Windsor. I served in elective public office for close to a quarter century in a variety of positions, including deputy premier and minister of finance in the government of Ontario, and I currently work as a business advisor at McMillan LLP and serve on a variety of corporate and non-profit boards.


Robin Anthony

Bio and photo to come

Ms. Lisa Eaton (Toronto, ON)

photo of Ms. Lisa Eaton

With both my sister and husband living with MS, I am passionate about finding new solutions to eradicate the disease and to improve quality of life for those affected by MS. While significant progress has been made, additional research is needed to bring more treatment and symptom management solutions to people living with MS.

Having held executive leadership roles in the media research field including Managing Director of Nielsen Media Canada and SVP, Member Engagement at Numeris, I have worked beside advertisers, advertising agencies and broadcasters across Canada for more than 30 years.

Valerie Hussey (Ontario), Chair

photo of Valerie Hussey

Valerie Hussey has held numerous leadership roles at the MS Society at both the national and division level since 2008. In 2011, Valerie joined the MS Society of Canada board of directors and has served as vice-chair and as chair of both the government relations and governance committees. Valerie is also a member of the leadership advisory council and was a member of the Society’s renewal initiative task force and the renewal initiative oversight committee. As a past director on the Ontario Division board, she served as board chair, vice-chair, past-chair and provided leadership to the governance committee.

Valerie was publisher, president and chief executive officer of Kids Can Press from 1979 to 2006, having played a leading role in the evolution of the Canadian children’s publishing industry for more than 30 years. Under her direction, Kids Can Press developed an internationally successful publishing program.

She has served on numerous government advisory councils and industry and not-for-profit boards, including the Ontario Media Development Corporation, the Canadian Women’s Foundation, Women’s College Hospital and Tides Canada. She is currently on the board of Art of Time Ensemble. In 2007, Valerie received the Order of Canada for her work in publishing.

Ms. Diana Joseph (Calgary, AB)
President, Westman Charitable Foundation

photo of Ms. Diana Joseph

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 33; my daughter lives with the disease as well, in addition to my grandmother. My daughter and I have both experienced the benefits of research. My quality of life and ability to still make an impact is a direct result of research and education, and I believe one day that “MS” will soon stand for “Mystery Solved”.

Born in Edmonton, AB, I currently live in Calgary. While I am now retired, I was the president and owner of Wen-Di Interiors, and vice-president of Jayman Built homes. Named Canadian Woman Entrepreneur in 1996, ranked among the Top Women Entrepreneurs of Canada, and a recipient of the Women of Vision Award for Community Service and Philanthropy in 2005, I am currently the president of Westman Charitable Foundation and still pursuing and engaging in many business opportunities.

Mr. S. Paul Mantini (Teramo, Italy)
Senior Partner, Bennett Jones LLP

photo of Mr. S. Paul Mantini

I have seen the way multiple sclerosis has affected the families of some of my closest friends and clients, and as a result, I am particularly passionate about identifying factors that contribute to the progression of the disease so we can stop it in its tracks.

I am from Montorio Al Vomano, a small village in the province of Teramo, Italy. After completing my undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, I acquired my law degree at Osgoode Hall Law School, and in 1977 I began practicing as a commercial lawyer specializing in real estate, project finance, P3 and gaming law. I was a partner at Smith, Lyons, Torrance, Stevenson & Mayer until December 2000 and am currently a senior partner at Bennett Jones LLP.

Karen Oldfield

Bio and photo to come

Mr. Gerry Protti (Calgary, AB)
Chairman, BlackSquare Inc.

photo of Mr. Gerry Protti

With one of the highest rates of MS in the world, I would like to see Canada take the global lead in conquering the disease. I am particularly interested in the studies regarding the gut microbiome as a better understanding of gut bacteria and their role in a maintaining a healthy immune system holds promise not only for MS, but other diseases as well.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, I am an economist with an undergraduate degree from the University of Alberta, and a graduate degree from Western University. Over the past 40 years I have been involved with many aspects of the Canadian energy industry including private and public companies, utilities, research, government and the largest energy regulator in Canada.

Mr. Joseph Randell (Dartmouth, NS)
President & Chief Executive Officer, Chorus Aviation Inc.


photo of Mr. Joseph Randell

Many of my loved ones live with multiple sclerosis, both in relapsing-remitting and progressive forms. Witnessing their experiences with the disease first-hand was a call for me to take action against MS in any way I can, and I am very encouraged by the progress made in the fight to end MS. I feel passionate about research that will translate basic science into treatments, and especially recent with respect to stem cell research.

Originally from Corner Brook, NL, I hold a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering Degree with distinction from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia and an MBA from Memorial University in Newfoundland. I have worked in the airline industry for most of my career and have been involved in many stages of business, including startup, growth, restructuring, and diversification.

Justin Young

Bio and photo to come


Marilyn Emery, Chair, MS Society of Canada

photo of Marilyn Emery

For over three decades Marilyn Emery has been a transformational leader within Ontario’s healthcare system, producing outstanding results in various positions in both clinical and leadership roles.

Most recently, as CEO of Women’s College Hospital (2007 - 2019) Marilyn led the innovative redesign, construction and transformation of the hospital into Canada’s only academic, ambulatory hospital with an enterprise-wide focus on the health of women.

Her passion and dedication to revolutionizing healthcare and closing health gaps and inequities through innovation in clinical services, research and education resulted in unprecedented solutions for some of the most pressing issues facing our health system.

Other leadership roles held by Marilyn include CEO of Central East Local Health Integration Network, CEO of St. Joseph’s Health Centre and CEO of Markham Stouffville Hospital.

Marilyn holds a M.Sc.N. degree from University of Western Ontario.

Retired since 2019, Marilyn continues her commitment to having a positive impact on closing gaps and inequities in health and healthcare through her active participation on the MS Society of Canada board of directors.

Dr. Pamela Valentine, President and CEO, MS Society of Canada, Toronto, ON


Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, I am a proud mother of three. I enjoy cooking up a storm for a full table of family and friends and when the weather allows, I can often be found outside tending to my garden.

I am a trained research scientist who is passionate about the power of collaboration and believe that through building strong relationships, we can build stronger communities. My most recent role was with Alberta Innovates where I spent over 15 years leading innovation and change.

As the newly appointed President and CEO of the MS Society of Canada, I am honoured and excited to go to work for Canadians impacted by MS. Together with our board, I hope to grow the impact of our efforts and ensure that we remain a strong national, bilingual organization that delivers exceptional community-based programs and drives a results-oriented research portfolio.