Saskatchewan Income Support (SIS)

Contact Info: 1‑866‑221‑5200

The Saskatchewan Income Support Program (SIS) is a program for families and individuals who, for various reasons, including disability, illness, low income or unemployment-cannot meet their basic living costs. Circumstances are assessed every month so the amount paid may change to reflect unexpected changes.​s

Types of financial assistance that may be available if a person is eligible include:​

  • Basic Benefit: food, clothing, travel, personal and household items ​
  • Shelter Benefit – includes rent, mortgage payments, utilities, taxes and all other shelter-related costs​
  • Household Health and Safety Benefit up to $500 to help replace household items or set up a new residence due to a disaster or interpersonal violence. An additional shelter Stabilization Benefit ($150/month) can be provided to support clients who have difficulty maintaining stable housing.​
  • Short Term Emergency Assistance may be considered to address emergency situations that are unforeseen and when failing to do so would result in harm.​
  • Prescribed Diet Benefit for clients whose medical conditions require additional nutritional supplements or food. The benefit ranges from $50 to $150 depending on the conditions.​
  • Travel Benefit outside of community for medical purposes, at pre-determined rates for mileage, meals and shelter.​
  • Alternate Heating Benefit ($130/month) can be provided for clients who reside in a household where natural gas is not accessible and are required to heat their home with an alternate heat source.​
  • Employment and Training Benefit ($140) to help with costs of starting a career or beginning a training program.​
  • Children's Benefit ($400) for a parent who is not eligible to receive the Canada Child Benefit for food, clothing, household items, and other child-related costs.​
  • Child Care Benefit ($30/day) to help in the short term when looking for employment or going to a job interview.​
  • Relocation Benefit of $200 or $300 depending on household size to assist with moving costs due to health and emergencies, evictions for reasons beyond client's control, starting a job outside of the community or finding a more affordable place to live within the Shelter Benefit rates.​
  • Travel Benefit outside of the community for job interviews or beginning training/employment at pre-determined rates for mileage, meals and shelter.​
  • Security Deposit can be provided up to amount of the Shelter Benefit.​
  • Funeral Benefits will be provided to support the costs of funerals


Any person who needs financial help can apply for income support. You may be eligible if the following apply to you (and your spouse/partner, if you have one):​

  • you are a Canadian Citizen, permanent resident or have refugee status;​
  • you are living in Saskatchewan;​
  • you are 18 years or older;​
  • you have no income or low income; and​
  • you have explored every other reasonable way to support yourself, including employment, seeking child support, etc.​

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