Gentle Yoga

Sara Hiebert headshot

We’re excited to announce our new Gentle Yoga program for members of our MS community. Led by Sara Hiebert, certified yoga instructor, these 45-minute virtual classes will include upper body movement, gentle mobility challenges and muscle stretches. The classes will end with Mindful Meditation (where you’re welcome to recline your body or stay seated in your chair), as you enjoy visualization, calming imagery, mindful body scans and breathing exercises.

Sara will suggest a variety of modifications for poses throughout the practice, giving you the chance to move to different stretches and twists, depending on how it feels for you.

Join Sara, and other members of our MS community every Tuesday at 2:00 pm ET March 26 - May 14.  *This program is only offered in English.

Registration for the Spring session is now closed. Registration for the Summer session which will run July 9 - July 30, 2024, will be open on June 24. 
This is a drop-in program, so you can attend the live virtual class when you’re able.

Once registered, you will be emailed a zoom link to access the classes. Please keep this zoom link somewhere safe, as it will be the same link you will use to access each of the Tuesday classes this session.

The classes will change slightly from week to week, and you’re welcome to join the session at any time. There’s no previous yoga experience required, and with Sara’s many suggestions for making the practice work for you, you should finish each class feeling calmer, with tension released and more in touch with your body.

To fully enjoy the class, you might find it helpful to have a few props available, like a yoga strap (you can use the belt from a bathrobe or an old necktie) and a yoga block (or use a thick book or folded towel). If you’re reclining for the Meditation portion of the practice, pillows/blankets will be beneficial to help support your body. Please also make sure to stay hydrated during the class.