The Way Forward

Enhancing care and support

In 2013, after five years of sector collaboration, the Government of Alberta announced The Way Forward: its commitment to providing Albertans affected by MS with streamlined access to a comprehensive system of care, services and support.

Through partnerships and better communication between provincial agencies and community organizations, The Way Forward will create an integrated system of support for Albertans living with MS that includes family and friends, healthcare providers, community supports and specialized services.

"Alberta has one of the highest rates of MS in Canada, and we have a responsibility to reduce barriers for Albertans with MS. I’m proud to have contributed to bringing The Way Forward to life," says Judy Gordon, former mayor of Lacombe and Alberta MLA, who was diagnosed with MS in 1998.

The Way Forward initiative is a framework that:

  • provides a better road map for Albertans with MS looking for a wide array of services and supports
  • coordinates government policies with disability supports
  • supports empowerment and self-management
  • develops education and awareness within systems serving Albertans with MS
  • advances MS research and evaluation

This is the first initiative of its kind in Canada, and the MS Society is calling on other provincial and territorial governments to develop similar models of integration.

For more information on The Way Forward, take a look at this document.