Worth Watching/Listening

MS'ed With the Wrong Girl

Patrycia was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2012 after losing sight in her left eye. Since then, Patrycia has figured out her life’s purpose: eliminating the disease. Today she is one of Edmonton’s most active spokespersons for the MS Society. Patrycia stays active to combat her MS by participating in walks, bike tours and fundraisers, earning her a National Philanthropy Day Award from the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Even with all this success, Patrycia has sacrificed a lot. Through her unattainable dream to work in law enforcement and the fact that living with a chronic illness has stigma attached to it, how is it possible to live a “normal life”? This documentary will show how Patrycia navigates her difficult yet amazing life, living for others, and giving back.

Health Issues of Musicians

This podcast episode from Ongoing History of New Music features Aaron Solowoniuk, drummer for Billy Talent, where his life living with MS and his life as a musician is discussed.

Listen to the podcast episode here: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/health-issues-of-musicians/id1201968027?i=1000440051483 

Tedx Talk - The Value of Vulnerabilities

From the youtube description: In our lifetimes, we will all face many challenges and obstacles. Through these events, we may become vulnerable in our identities and feel our personal foundation weaken. We often let these vulnerabilities hold us back, shy away from growth out of fear and change scares us. But what if we started seeing our vulnerabilities as opportunities for growth? What if we took challenging moments in our lives and used them to ricochet into a different direction with more passion, strength and wisdom?

Juan Garrido a 4th year Sociology & Drama Studies student at the Glendon Campus of York University. He is an active student leader in residence life, peer mentorship, student government and leadership development. He is passionate about inclusivity, safe spaces and accessibility and works towards these goals in every organization he is a part. An active advocate for the LGBTQ and Multiple Sclerosis communities, Juan dedicates a large part of his time helping strengthen his communities and those around him.