2015 endMS Summer School in Montreal, Quebec

2015 endMS Summer School

A huge thank you goes out to the Quebec-Ottawa endMS Regional Research and Training Centre for hosting the 2015 endMS Summer School in Montreal from May 11-15, 2015. This year’s theme was “The Biology of Attack and Repair in Multiple Sclerosis” and brought together 43 trainees from across Canada. This interactive educational program aims to enhance the knowledge and skills in MS research and allows trainees from a variety of disciplines to come together to learn about various MS-relevant research topics. This year’s program facilitated networking, collaboration and information exchange. The trainees benefitted from hands-on laboratory sessions providing practical experience with techniques relevant to MS research in the fields of immunology, molecular biology and histology. Plenary sessions included the following subjects: pathology, imaging, ethics and clinical trials as well as clinical aspects of MS from both the neurologist and patient perspectives and career development sessions.

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Below participants can find useful information including the program agenda, session descriptions, participant lists, travel information and reimbursement expense forms.

Preliminary Agenda
Detailed Agenda

2015 Summer School Participants

Travel and Expense Policies and Reimbursements:
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Expense Reimbursement Form
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For Summer School and SPRINT Trainees: Travel and Expense Policies
For Summer School and SPRINT Presenters/Facilitators/Mentors: Travel and Expense Policies

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Congratulations to the incoming SPRINTers and to the graduating SPRINTers! The Scholar Program for Researchers in Training (SPRINT) hosted SPRINT career development sessions the day prior to the official Summer School start date. Graduating SPRINTers also presented their yearlong SPRINT interdisciplinary team projects during the 2015 Summer School.

2015 SPRINT Participant list
Incoming 2015-2016 SPRINT Participant list

endMS Summer School/SPRINT Contact Information:
Anik Schoenfeldt (514) 843-1442/ 1-877-288-2570 anik.schoenfeldt@mail.mcgill.ca