endMS National Training Program

Welcome to the endMS National Training Program. We are excited about the prospects of working together with you to expand the community of trainee researchers who will become future leaders in the field of MS research. For the last 9 years, it has been a pleasure and an inspiration to work alongside extraordinary volunteers, researchers, clinicians, mentors and trainees on this novel training program.

We are delighted that with renewed funding from the MS Society of Canada we are able to continue offering high caliber training programs including the endMS Summer School and the endMS Scholar Program for Researchers IN Training (SPRINT).

If you would like to be added to the program's distribution list so that you can receive notifications of upcoming SPRINT and Summer School competitions as well as other national events and opportunities, please send your contact information including your name, title, institution and email address to anik.schoenfeldt@affiliate.mcgill.ca

Thank you and looking forward to staying in touch,

Christina Wolfson, PhD
Director, endMS National Training Program

Anik Schoenfeldt
anager, endMS National Training Program