endMS Research and Training Network Awards and Programs

MS Canada supports the next generation of talented young researchers who will take on the mantle of advancing MS research in the search for a cure. The annual studentship and fellowship award competition is a key plank of MS Canada’s research training program that allows us to build a robust network of bright minds in the field and is aimed at graduate students and postdoctoral fellows intent on furthering their knowledge and training in MS.

Training Program and Networking Activities

The MS Society provides a variety of education and networking programs to enhance knowledge and skill in MS research, foster knowledge exchange, and establish valuable connections and collaborations amongst peers in the field. These programs include endMS Summer School, endMS Scholar Program for Researchers IN Training (SPRINT), and endMS Conference.


endMS Doctoral Studentship Awards

This award provides opportunities for research training and broadening the scientific understanding of MS for students currently enrolled in a Doctoral stream program.


endMS Postdoctoral Fellowships

This fellowship is intended to support research for training of Postdoctoral Fellows in studies related to MS, and serves to attract and retain young researchers in the field.