Funding Opportunities

Through its various funding opportunities, MS Canada is committed to supporting research that will lead to major advances in our understanding pertaining to the causes of, and potential treatments for, multiple sclerosis (MS).

MS Canada also supports research and training programs which cultivate a network of bright young minds and engages them in activities that fine-tune their skills and knowledge in MS research.

Research Grants


MS Canada has funded medical research into multiple sclerosis since the first grant of $10,000 was approved in 1949. It is now, along with its related MS Scientific Research Foundation, the single largest funder of MS research in Canada. Through the administration of its research funding programs, MS Canada is committed to advancing research that investigates all aspects of multiple sclerosis, including causes of MS, diagnosis, repair of nerve cells, disease-modifying therapies, cognition and mental health, and progressive MS.

Targeted Competitions


In addition to general funding opportunities that encompass the breadth of topics in MS research, MS Canada administers a number of targeted research funding competitions to address priority research areas and accelerate the translation of research into outcomes that will make a meaningful impact for people living with MS. Many of these funding opportunities are available through collaborations with other organizations that allow us to leverage expertise and resources across all sectors of research. Be sure to check back often as we will be updating this section with new targeted funding opportunities as they arise.



endMS Research and Training Network Awards and Programs


MS Canada supports the next generation of talented young researchers who will take on the mantle of advancing MS research in the search for a cure. The annual studentship and fellowship award competition is a key plank of MS Canada’s research training program that allows us to build a robust network of bright minds in the field and is aimed at graduate students and postdoctoral fellows intent on furthering their knowledge and training in MS.