Legal Support for People in Quebec Living With Multiple Sclerosis

Thanks to a partnership with Juripop, people in Quebec who are living with multiple sclerosis can get free legal support, to facilitate their access to justice and equip them to deal with their legal issues.

About the program

Juripop is giving people in Quebec with multiple sclerosis free access to legal support via a telephone consultation system, which gives them a chance to speak to a Juripop lawyer or notary as soon as possible.

The Juripop lawyers can give legal information and advice to help the callers understand their rights and the recourses available to them, while lessening their mental load.

Please note that Juripop does not offer court representation services.

Areas of law covered

Juripop’s lawyers can assist those eligible for the program with business law, family law, civil law (contracts, housing and most everyday legal needs) as well as certain labour law issues.

For the time being, Juripop does not offer services in medical law, tax law, criminal and penal law, youth law and immigration law.

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About Juripop

Since its foundation, Juripop has provided access to affordable legal services to people and organizations whose financial situation does not allow them to retain the services of a private lawyer.

The organization represents seniors wishing to keep their homes, single-parent families trying to make ends meet and non-profit organizations working hard to make the world a better place.

Affordable legal services are provided by Avocats Juripop, a law firm founded by Juripop to accomplish its mission.