Marie’s legacy of MS communities

I decided to leave a planned gift in my will because…

“The MS Society was really there for me from the moment I was diagnosed.”

I was diagnosed with MS a month before I turned 41.

When the neurologist confirmed it was MS, I didn’t know what that meant. The first thing I did was to open the phone book and call up the local office of the MS Society of Canada for answers.

photo of Marie

They sent me a wealth of brochures (there was no internet then!), and I signed up for a course for newly-diagnosed people. It was led by two women who were at different stages of their MS. Even today I still remember things I learned in that course.

The information, the connection, the support...the MS Society was there for me from the moment I was diagnosed.

When I was first diagnosed, there was only one drug therapy available. Now, there are more than 14 therapies available for those living with relapsing-remitting MS. I think we’ll see even more treatments in my lifetime. Whatever I can do to move that ahead, I’m happy to help.

“It feels good to leave a gift in my will to the MS Society. They have heart and I believe in them. They use the funds in the best interest of people with MS, like me.”

Whether it’s funding research, programs, services, education, or advocacy, it all goes to improving the quality of life for people living with MS, and I’m all for that.