Renewal Initiative

The Renewal Initiative examined all aspects of the MS Society and we engaged our stakeholders to join us in finding ways to effectively and efficiently deliver on our mission to a future free from MS. Thank you to the hundreds of individuals and groups who provided input through the consultation process.

The Renewal Initiative recommendations touch every aspect of the work of the MS Society; supporting people living with MS, research, how we raise funds, financial management, and governance. Many of the renewal initiative recommendations have been implemented and efficiencies have been realized to ensure that our donor dollars are channelled directly into activities that support those living with MS. Including the voice of people impacted by MS in determining our research priorities, relocating MS offices to spaces with less square footage to reduce costs, and re-investing in our core events such as MS Walk and Bike Tours and seeking new streams of revenue are all the result of the Renewal Initiative. We will continue to implement the Renewal Initiative recommendations in 2014 and beyond.

Click here for a summarized list of the recommendations.