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As leaders within the MS community, we are privileged to be a part of a determined group of change agents who are working tirelessly to create a world free of MS. Needless to say, we know there is an urgency to this work. That for every day that passes, more Canadians receive the news that they have MS.

Since 1948, we at the MS Society have been proud to be a part of a community of people living with MS, families, friends, volunteers, donors, researchers, clinicians, and many more in funding research, providing support to people affected by MS, and advocating for supports and systems that allow people living with MS to live a full and inclusive life. In 2019, we unveil a strategic plan that not only builds upon the work of the entire MS community since 1948, but with great hope, brings a new chapter to move forward our mission of connecting and empowering the MS community to create positive change that helps realize our vision of a world free of MS.

Through discoveries, innovation, and collective action, we will work together to alleviate the uncertainty that MS causes, help provide accessible options for disease management, and reach out to partners to eliminate physical and social barriers in our communities.

Our new strategic plan not only lays out the roadmap in our journey to create a world free of MS, but we hope it also provides inspiration for all in the MS community to connect and collaborate in order to advance treatment and care, enhance well-being, understand and halt disease progression, and prevent MS from happening.

Strat plan