2024 MS Calgary Whisky Festival

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Telus Spark Science Centre - 220 Saint George’s Drive NE, Calgary, AB, T2E 5T2

Time: 7:00pm-10:00pm (VIP Hour from 6:00pm-7:00pm)

2024 MS Calgary Whisky Festival Event Schedule

Welcome to the MS Calgary Whisky Festival! This event, in support of MS Canada, is for those who already love whisky, and those intrigued to learn more about this well-loved spirit!

On Thursday, January 18, 2024, numerous vendors from around the world will be in attendance to showcase their best whiskies for you to sample. The Telus Spark Science Centre plays host to the 11th annual MS Calgary Whisky Festival that is presented by Kensington Wine Market.

Join fellow whisky aficionados as you bid on silent auction items, visit multiple vendor booths, enjoy scrumptious snacks, and take in the spectacular architecture of Telus Spark.

You may also participate in a Master Class to learn more about whisky from those who make it. The classes are designed to dive deeper into the whisky making process – from mashing to fermenting, and distilling to, of course, drinking. Stay tuned for 2024’s Master Class schedule and ticket sales.

Please arrange a designated driver or ride share option to get home safely. Don’t drink and drive.

Proceeds of MS Calgary’s Whisky Festival will go to MS Canada. Please note that tickets are non-refundable.

Ticket Information

General Admission:

Early Bird General Admission tickets are $100 – limited quantity available until November 30, 2023! Ticket price will then increase to $125.

General Admission Tickets allow ticket holders entry to the MS Calgary Whisky Festival from 7:00pm-10:00pm. Ticket prices include a Glencairn nosing glass given to you at the start of the night to use for samples of whisky poured by vendors from around the world. All pours are ¼ ounce.

VIP Tickets (limited quantities available):

Early Bird VIP tickets are $140 – limited quantity available until November 30, 2023! VIP ticket price will then increase to $165.

VIP Tickets are available for those who would like something a little extra and a lot more exclusive! VIP ticket holders are granted private entry into the general tasting room at 6:00pm, which is one hour prior to General Admission ticket holders. VIP ticket holders also receive an exclusive cut Glencairn glass. Some exhibitors will pour special whiskies that are only available during VIP hour, but please note that these are provided at the discretion of the distillers and may be in very limited quantities.

VIP ticket holders also can purchase the exclusive VIP Master Class tickets (see below for more information).

Master Classes (limited quantities available):

Master Classes are guided tastings of fine whiskies with industry experts. They run between 40-50 minutes in length and are held in a classroom set up with limited seating away from the main event. Tickets, in addition to your VIP or General Admission event tickets, must be purchased to attend a Master Class.

An Exclusive VIP Master Class – in which you must purchase a VIP event ticket to attend this session - will open its doors open at 5:30pm. We ask that all attendees of this Exclusive VIP Master Class head straight to their classroom first before joining the festival. Event coordinators will check-in VIP Master Class attendees upstairs, where you will receive your commemorative Glencairn whisky glass and event program before the session starts.

All other Master Classes will be open to General Admission or VIPs and run at different times. Be sure to check your ticket to confirm which class you’ve purchased and its applicable start time. MS Canada staff and volunteers will also be able to assist in directing you to the appropriate session location. Master Class sessions have limited seating and are based on a first come first served basis, so order your tickets early to reserve your seat.

Note: Attendees must have a General Admission or VIP ticket to attend a Master Class. Check back soon for a list of all the 2024 Calgary Master Classes!


About the Presenting Sponsor

Kensington Wine Market is one of the oldest private liquor stores in Canada and hosts a collection of diverse and interesting selection of whisky in Canada. Kensington Wine Market has twice been named “Highly Commended or 2nd place for Single Outlet: Whisky Retailer of the Year,” as well as having been shortlisted six times. It is the only Canadian liquor store ever nominated for this award! Be sure to stop by the Kensington Wine Market booth at the event and meet their owner, Andrew Ferguson, who is the store’s resident Scotch and whisky expert!




IIf you are interested in learning more about our Corporate Packages or donating a silent auction item for this event, please contact Nicole Sullivan at nicole.sullivan@mscanada.ca.


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When is the MS Calgary Whisky Festival?

Thursday, January 18th, 2024 from 7:00pm-10:00pm.

Where is the MS Calgary Whisky Festival being held?

At the Telus Spark Science Centre located at 220 Saint George’s Drive NE, Calgary, Alberta.

How do I order tickets?

Visit the MS Canada MS Calgary Whisky Festival event page to find the online ticket link to buy tickets there.

What do I get for the price of a General Admission ticket?

You’ll receive a commemorative Glencairn nosing glass, an event handbook, a gourmet selection of appetizers throughout the evening, and access to hundreds of whiskies to sample! Also, don’t miss out on the chance to bid on silent auction items to help raise funds for MS Canada.

What’s the difference between a General Admission ticket and a VIP ticket?

In addition to what General Admission ticket holders receive (above), VIP ticket holders gain access to the event a full hour prior to General Admission. VIP tickets will be limited; therefore ticket holders can make the most out of their VIP hour between 6:00pm-7:00pm in the general tasting room by enjoying shorter line-ups to vendors, food, and silent auction items and having more time to talk with distillery representatives.

Each VIP attendee also receives a special cut Glencairn VIP nosing glass for some exhibitors to pour special whiskies into that are only available during VIP hour. Please note, these exclusive whiskies are provided at the discretion of the distillers and may be in very limited quantities.

Do you sell tickets at the door?

We will only sell tickets at the door if any are remaining. We strongly advise that you order tickets in advance online.

What is a Master Class?

As part of a small group of 20-30 people, you will have the opportunity to sit down in a break-out room and focus on several whiskies from one distillery or listen to an expert on a particular genre within the world of whisky. Classes will run throughout the evening and a Master Class presenter line-up will be available, along with tickets, closer to the MS Calgary Whisky Festival date.  

Please visit our website for updates about the MS Calgary Whisky Festival Master Classes . Also, if you purchase an event ticket, watch for email updates sent directly to you about Master Class presenters! Master Class tickets are limited, and available on a first come first served basis.

Note: You must purchase a General Admission or VIP event ticket to be able to purchase a Master Class ticket and attend a session.

Should I wear perfume / after shave?

One of the joys of any whisky event is nosing whisky in the glass to identify the subtle and delicate aromas. These delicate aromas can be overpowered by perfume, cologne, and after shave worn on your own person or even by somebody else some distance away. Please refrain from wearing any scent for the duration of the festival and advise your guests accordingly.

Is there parking at Telus Spark Science Centre?

Telus Spark Science Centre has some paid parking available; however, we strongly encourage the use of public transportation, taxi cabs, or ride share programs if you plan to sample several whiskies at the festival.

Check out parking and transportation options here. Please don’t drink and drive! 

What should I wear to MS Calgary Whisky Festival?

Most commonly, business or business casual attire. Please feel free to wear a kilt if you have one!

Do I need to bring a glass with me?

There’s no need to bring a glass with you. A Glencairn commemorative nosing glass will be provided and given to you at registration. It’s yours to use for the evening and to take home with you.

Do I need to bring a glass with me?

If you lose your nosing glass, we’ll have wine glasses available in the tasting room. Sorry, we cannot replace any lost or broken nosing glasses.

There’s a whisky on the list that I want to be sure to try. How can I find out which booth is pouring it?

The event handbook you receive upon entrance is set alphabetically by the local agent / importer responsible for that distillery. The tables in the ballroom follow that list in a clockwise direction. Each table is marked with the name of an agent / importer.

Is there a coat check available?

There is a coat check available at the event for a small donation and all donations will go to MS Canada.

May I bring my briefcase with me?

Backpacks, briefcases, tote bags, or any other such items, are not permitted inside of MS Calgary Whisky Festival. You will be asked to leave them at the coat check.

Will there be food available?

Light, gourmet snacks and appetizers are provided throughout the evening along with water, but we suggest having a meal before you arrive.

When I discover a new whisky that I love at MS Calgary Whisky Festival, can I buy a bottle of it right there?

MS Calgary Whisky Festival is a tasting event only. Order forms will be available at each vendor table for the whisky that agent is presenting. Festival attendees can fill out order forms at the event and Kensington Wine Market will place your order the following week.

Should I save my electronic ticket?

Absolutely! Show your ticket at Kensington Wine Market before the end of April 2024 to receive 10% off a whisky purchase! You will also be entitled to 10% off listed retail orders made on the night of the event, excluding Scotch Malt Whisky Society whiskies as you must be a member to purchase the product. Please visit their website for more details.

What is the difference between Whisky and Whiskey?

Most simply, “whisky” (no ‘e’) refers to the grain spirits distilled in Scotland, Canada, and Japan, while Irish and American grain spirits are referred to as “Whiskey” (with an ‘e’). For a brief lesson on the many classifications and types of whisky, attend one of the Master Classes at the festival, but also visit Kensington Wine Market’s website.

I have a suggestion on how to improve the event. Who do I contact?

You may contact either Andrew at scotchguy@kensingtonwinemarket.com, or Michelle at michelle.lindstrom@mscanada.ca.

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