Wellness Resources During COVID-19

Whether through physical activity, nutrition, or mindfulness and mental health, everyone has a set of tools to help them in their day-to-day journey. Facing a global pandemic like COVID-19 can be challenging especially for people living with a chronic disease like MS, but there are a variety of tools available to manage anxiety and stress. To help you navigate this unprecedented time, we’ve put together a list of resources you may find beneficial.

Support and Mental Health 

Wellness Together Canada offers online tools and resources to help Canadians with a variety of mental health challenges.

Government of Canada connects Canadians with mental wellness supports during COVID-19

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health 

Webinar: Mental Health and MS (Rocky Mountain MS Center)

Resiliency: Addressing the challenges of MS and watch the video on YouTube

Canadian Psychological Association 

Physical Activity

ParticipACTION offers physical activity programs, resources and guidelines to keep active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Activity - GUIDE FOR PEOPLE WITH MS 

MS Essentials Tips: Exercise and MS (MSology)

TIME™ (Together in Movement and Exercise) is a group exercise program led by fitness instructors across Canada for adults living with balance and mobility issues. 

Get In Motion is a telephone-based physical activity service that offers support to Canadians living with chronic conditions to start or maintain an at-home physical activity program. 

NeuroSask is a virtual program tailored to people with neurological conditions for seated physiotherapy-guided movement and social-connection during COVID-19.


MSology Essentials: Nutrition and MS (MSology)

Healthy Eating 

Podcasts from the Community

This is MS by Andrea Dunn

RealTalk MS with Jon Strum

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