Your Stories

We appreciate you!

We’re certain that all organizations think this, but at the MS Society of Canada, we know we have THE BEST donors. We’d love for you to get to know some of them better.

Photo of Amanda

Amanda from Scarborough, ON

"Multiple Sclerosis hits close to home for me. I have several family members that are living with MS. I have seen what they have gone through and continue to go through. The work of the MS Society of Canada is very important. Their vision is of a world free of multiple sclerosis and I want to make sure I do my part to help them achieve it. MS impacts a lot of people and their families not only in Canada, but all over the world. I donate because I believe in the cause, and I know my contribution is going towards not only achieving their ultimate vision, but also provides much-needed support to those living with and affected by MS."

Photo of Peter

Peter VH from Wellington, NS

"I donate to support the many people that I know who have multiple sclerosis. The MS Society seeks out and funds the best research in multiple sclerosis worldwide. Donating is a small way for me to show gratitude for the work of the MS Society. We are all in this together, whether we have MS or not. Achieving a world free of MS is a team effort."