• From the Community
  • September 13, 2023

We Talk MS – Stories from our MS community

Chatting about your feelings, fears, and experiences is an important way to work through any major life event, especially after an MS diagnosis. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right person to talk to about how you’re feeling or what you may be going through.

That’s why we created We Talk MS. We Talk MS is our new online connection space for people living with MS and their loved ones. It’s a safe space where you can feel free to talk about all things MS with people who have similar and different experiences. You can learn from others, listen to others, and gain valuable friendships and support 24/7.

Whether you want to chat about your future living with MS or are making peace with a loved one’s diagnosis, We Talk MS connects you with someone to talk to. *Currently, this program is only available in English, but we’re working on making it available in French too. 

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Here are some stories from members of our MS community who’ve made valuable connections through We Talk MS:


“In January of 2020, I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS. Before my diagnosis, I spent years reasoning away my symptoms and experiencing what I now understand as ‘MS flare-ups.’ Regular visits to my doctor and standard blood tests left me with no answers. Alarmed by my physical decline, I insisted on requesting a brain MRI from my family doctor. I can still hear the doctor’s voice say to me, ‘You have brain lesions consistent with MS.’ 

Since being diagnosed, I’ve become known as the woman who’s ‘addicted to HOPE’ and I share my message wherever I go and whenever I make connections. 

MS can be very isolating and lonely. We Talk MS reminds us we’re not alone. It’s an online community that provides a safe environment to connect with other people affected by MS that are experiencing a similar journey.

I love connecting with people on We Talk MS. I enjoy developing deep and meaningful relationships with others. I always aim to inspire and make a difference. The most important thing to me is that it’s done authentically, in the moment, and without fear of judgement. I feel guided to help others and share kindness wherever I can.  

We Talk MS has helped me in my journey with family planning. Being able to talk to others about the possibility of motherhood while living with MS is such a relief. I enjoy the new friendships I’ve made with my ‘MS buddies’ and the encouragement we can provide to one another.  

This online platform has helped me regain my confidence and stay connected with others experiencing similar ups and downs while living with this disease. 

Life’s about forming meaningful connections and our growth through the experience of those relationships. I believe that other people affected by MS should join We Talk MS because being heard by a community who understands is so important. 

I’ve realized that the disease manifests differently in everyone. There are different progressions and different attitudes, but we all share the same disease. I’m still a work in progress, but I know joining We Talk MS was the right decision for my long-term health and happiness. You should check it out too.  

Until a cure is found, we can manage MS together by sharing our own best practices.”