Your Guide to Exploring MS Research

“Keeping up to date on new research through MS Canada, and how this information can help enhance daily management strategies, ways to prevent disease progression and the development of new treatment options, is so valuable for people living with MS. Being informed is so important in managing this disease. For me, information is power and the more I can see how research informs the practices and recommendations for the care of people living with MS, the more optimistic I become for a better tomorrow!” - Beatrice, diagnosed with MS in 2008

Interested in learning more about multiple sclerosis (MS) research and staying informed on recent advances in the field? We’re committed to sharing information and resources that are accurate, current, and accessible in different ways to people living with MS, their caregivers, family, and friends. Learn more about some of these research resources, including the latest in MS researchhow to participate in MS research, and the MS research we fund, across our website!

What’s the latest in MS research? 

The latest research 

Keep updated on new and exciting MS research discoveries from researchers across Canada and around the world in areas such as:

  • Advance treatment and care
  • Prevent MS 
  • Enhance well-being 
  • Understand and halt disease progression 

Studies can be searched by keyword(s), area of research, or study details (i.e., Canadian study). Learn more about the latest MS research here!

MS research blogs 

Our blog is another great way to stay informed. Each year we share highlights from the two largest MS conferences – the Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in MS (ACTRIMS) and the European Committee for Treatment and Research in MS (ECTRIMS) that bring together world leading researchers. These blogs capture the latest advances in our knowledge of MS from around the world. 

We also share a summary of research activities over the last year highlighting the most exciting research updates in MS, including updates on MS Canada-funded studies and their outcomes. Learn more here!

Research in action newsletter 

Our Research in Action newsletter highlights news and opportunities in MS research. This includes the latest research, profiles of researchers and volunteers, opportunities to participate in research studies, and upcoming events in MS research. 

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How can I participate in MS research? 

MS research portal

Interested in participating in a research study, but not sure where to start? Our MS Research Portal posts studies open to Canadian participants. Researchers can apply to have their research study posted on the Research Portal to help recruit participants. Once an application is approved by their institutional research and ethics board, the study is shared on the site. Studies can be searched by region or Canada-wide (for virtual participation). The Research Portal does not post studies or trials from pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies, marketing research firms, or other for-profit enterprises.

To learn about what you need to know before participating in research, here are some helpful resources!

What MS research studies do we fund?

Research studies we fund

Each year we invest between $5-10 million in research funding to support cutting-edge studies that investigate various aspects of MS – from biological, translational, to clinical research. Read about the research studies currently supported by MS Canada through the ‘Research Studies We Fund’ page.

Studies can be searched by keyword(s), area of research, impact goals, region/province, and researcher.  Learn more about the research studies we fund here!

Meet the Researchers

We’re proud to support exceptional MS researchers who are advancing our understanding and knowledge of MS. Learn more about Canadian researchers who are leading studies supported by us.

Each researcher is profiled, so you can learn more about their research interests, how they became involved in MS research, and what inspires them to continue the work they do. 

“I feel encouraged when I see the latest research and all the promising studies going on in the different areas of MS research. The format’s great, so I can read about the research that’s relevant and interesting to me depending on where I’m at in my MS journey. I’ve also mentioned research I read about with my neurologist and allied health care team, so they can be aware of what’s happening in the world of MS research. I also love that I know MS Canada is a trustworthy and reliable source and can trust what I read on their site.” -  Amanda, diagnosed with MS in 2014

Like Beatrice and Amanda, we hope that you find our MS research content helpful in your MS journey. Make sure to stay updated on our research initiatives and how we’re keeping the momentum going in MS research here.