Participants’ Perspectives of “Neurosask: Active and Connect”

Summary: “Neurosask: Active and Connected” is a MSC-supported virtual program providing physiotherapy-guided exercise, expert information on health and wellness, and social connection for people with neurological conditions, including multiple sclerosis (MS). Participants reported the program helped build community and connection with perceived benefits in their physical and functional abilities, and quality of life. Neurosask is a successful example of an evidence-based virtual program to support those with neurological conditions. 

Background: “Neurosask: Active and Connected” is a virtual program for people with neurological conditions offering bi-weekly active exercise sessions with an experienced neuro-physiotherapist, followed by a weekly connect session with guest experts on health and wellness topics. The program aims to provide physical activity, social interaction, and access to qualified experts. Neurosask was launched in April 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic in response to restricted services and supports for people with neurological conditions. 

Details: This study aims to evaluate the Neurosask program based on participants’ perspectives. All individuals registered in the program were asked to complete an online survey at 10-weeks, 1-year and 2-years after program launch to understand their experience and perceived benefit of the program. 


Most of the survey respondents were living with MS (70%) and included people from all Canadian provinces. Just less than half (45%) reported living outside of large cities. They indicated the following:

  • They were highly satisfied with the online program format and want it to continue.
  • Their perceived benefit of Neurosask was summarized into three main themes: 
    • “Together in a positive and encouraging environment” – participants gained a sense of community and support with an opportunity for socialization and interpersonal connections.
    • “Access to enthusiastic qualified leaders from home” – participants valued access to compassionate experts who are experienced in working with people with neurological conditions. 
    • “Seeing progress and being able to enjoy everyday life” – Neurosask had positive impacts on participants' everyday lives, including improvement in symptoms, physical and functional abilities, and quality of life.

Impact: The COVID-19 pandemic revealed a need for accessible programming for people living with neurological conditions. Neurosask is an example of an accessible and meaningful virtual approach to providing ongoing support for some people with neurological conditions. The majority of participants who shared feedback were highly satisfied with the program and reported benefits in their physical and functional abilities and quality of life. Future research plans to evaluate the program’s impact on health outcomes (e.g., comorbidities, symptom severity, hospitalizations, range of movement, etc.) to better inform program benefits and design.

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Article published in: Frontiers in Neurology on January 24, 2024 – Participants’ perspectives of “NeuroSask: Active and Connect”— a virtual chronic disease management program for individuals with a neurological condition. Link to article – here