Research Grants

MS Canada has funded medical research into multiple sclerosis since the first grant of $10,000 was approved in 1949. It is now, along with its related MS Scientific Research Foundation, the single largest funder of MS research in Canada.

Through the administration of its research funding programs, MS Canada is committed to advancing research that investigates all aspects of multiple sclerosis, including causes of MS, diagnosis, repair of nerve cells, disease-modifying therapies, cognition and mental health, and progressive MS.

Discovery Research Grants

The Discovery Research Grant Program is intended to support various research operations in all aspects of MS and defray the normal operating costs of carrying out a specific research proposal. MS Canada welcomes applications that are fundamental as well as applied studies, nonclinical or clinical in nature, including projects in patient management, care and rehabilitation.

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Catalyst Research Grant 

The Catalyst Research Grant program awards seed funding that allows researchers to develop and test new and innovative research questions and pursue pioneering approaches that have high potential to advance the MS field.

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MS Scientific Research Foundation Collaborative Team Grant

MS Canada supports interdisciplinary, multi-site collaborative research through the MS Scientific Research Foundation (MSSRF) Collaborative Team Grant. The MSSRF Team Grant is a funding opportunity designed to support novel MS research conducted by scientists in Canadian institutions in collaboration with other national and international experts in the field.

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